Response Paper 1: Values

The topic for response paper 1 is values, and what happens when different values you have come into conflict with each other. An easier-to-read version of this prompt is located here. As new students to UW-Madison, you may have already experienced situations in which you were questioning your values or interacting with people who had different values from you.  Because college is a time when–if you are stretching yourself–you will have a lot of new experiences, there are many new pieces of knowledge that you will come into contact with and have to think about how that knowledge does or does not fit into your already-existing opinions, goals, interests, etc. This is a good thing! This prompt will help you start to think about that process and evaluate how you’ve dealt with similar situations in the past, as well as consider how those types of interactions might go in the future.

The purpose of this assignment is not to make you adopt any particular value set, but rather to think critically about what values you have, where those came from, and what values you may or may not be willing to negotiate in the future. It’s also a time to consider what happens when two different values of yours come into conflict with each other.

The prompt may seem long, but don’t panic!

The prompt is divided into different sections to help you frame your thinking and pull in different sources. There are two sections (highlighted in red) that indicate what you actually need to write about. You can also consider referencing the video or your values worksheet as you write. 

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