Passport Assignment Ideas

So there are two categories left for your passport assignments, academic and diversity and social justice.  For academic events here is what I suggest
-GUTS(greater university tutoring service) is hosting a study skills workshop for CP 125 students on Tuesday, October 6th in the MSC lounge in the Red Gym
-Make an appointment with the writing center whenever you have a paper due in another class (or use it for your final project paper!)
-Make an appointment with the Career Exploration Center (they visited us in class today!)
-Most majors have some sort of club or society associated with them.  Try going to a meeting or an event that they are having.  Get involved if you like it!
-Many departments hold weekly lectures by staff or visiting professors or researchers.  Go to one hosted by your department, or something completely different that what you are studying! Anything that interests you. (Wildlife lectures are held every Friday from 3-4 in 184 Russell Labs)
-If you are interested in study abroad, visit the study abroad office in 106 Red Gym
-Go to the Majors Fair on October 20th 3:30 – 6 at Union South.  Explore possible majors and find some you have never even heard of before! I will be there at the Wildlife Ecology booth!
Here are some suggestions for diversity and social justice
-Visit the MSC (multicultural student center) events page, they host lots of cool stuff! (Sometimes with free food)
-Keep an eye on the film schedule for the Marquee at Union South for anything that has to do with diversity or social justice.  All films are free!
-If you really want to get involved, go the the Morgridge Center for Public Service to see volunteer opportunities in the Madison community.  Make sure to find one that has something to do with diversity or social justice.
Hope this helps! If you are interested in something specific and want to find events relating to that, just e-mail me (Angela) or ask me after class!!

Announcements from 9/24

Hi all! Thanks for your participation in our book discussion this week; I hope that Kevin’s journey into Liberty has been interesting for you so far and that you are able to feel some connection with his story!

We also loved checking out your selfie videos! It was fun to hear a bit more about everyone’s families, past involvements, major interests, etc. I heard a few connections there as well; y’all should talk! It’s amazing how many different activities people were involved with in high school, and I imagine that those interests will only get more diverse as you move forward and learn more about the opportunities available at UW-Madison!

A Passport Assignment Idea

The Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) will be hosting a Study Skills Workshop specifically for interested students in CP 125. The workshop is Tuesday, October 6th (6:00-7:00 pm MSC Lounge). You can use this event for your UW Passport assignment (academic category).

Coming Attractions/Homework…

  • This week’s Twitter topic is to find a new study spot on campus and take a selfie there. Remember to use our class hashtags, #wiexp and #wiexp014
  • We will discuss pages 132-199 of The Unlikely Disciple in class on 10/8.
  • Start working on your Response Paper prompt; Heather would be happy to touch base with you if you have more questions or want to make sure you’re on the right track. Biggest tip: be reflective on this one. The topics of values, priorities, and vulnerability are pretty significant if you let them be, so take your time and think about these things before you write. The full prompt and assignment description are on the site. Make sure to check out the rubric ahead of time (in the assignment description) so you know what you are being graded on. Hint: content is the most heavily weighted category! Submit your paper to the correct Learn@UW Dropbox NO LATER THAN 11:59 p.m. on 10/7.
  • Next week, the Career Exploration Center will be visiting our class. The CEC works with students who are undecided or exploring multiple majors (we know from your selfie videos that many of you are!), so it’s a great office to connect with in your first semester. They’ll let us know more about what their office does and why you would want to visit them, so come prepared with any questions you have for them about their services.

When Class = Real Life

Did you know that Bernie Sanders spoke at Liberty University this week? Here’s a link to the article and to the video:

Libraries and buses

Hey guys!

Some of you guys had some questions about libraries and buses that I wasn’t quite sure of during class.  Here’s some things I found for you!

Library hours:

This is a great site to visit if you want to find a new place to study, or want to know hours.  You can sort by date to see when each library is open that day, or you can click on one of the libraries to see its hours year round.  If you want a map of all the libraries on campus, just click Libraries > Campus Libraries on the tab at the top of the page.  Hope this helps!

Buses:  It was quite difficult to find running hours for the bus, but as far as I can tell the 80 runs until 1/1:30 on week days and 2/2:30 on weekends.  If you have a bus pass there are always other buses that can get you close to where you need to go (just use google maps).  There is also safe walk (608-262-5000), Green Cab (608-252-1234), Union Cab (608-242-2000), and many other taxi services.

Hope this helps!

Class Announcements 9/17!

CP 125, section 14 takes Bascom Hill during an ALPS workshop. Thanks all for your participation!
Section 14 takes Bascom Hill during our ALPS workshop. Thanks for your participation! Did you know that UW-Madison favorited this tweet?

Thanks to all for your participation in our ALPS workshop this morning! It was nice to enjoy some sunshine and get moving around.

Some quick announcements:

  • Read pages 1-131 of The Unlikely Disciple; we will have a book discussion next week!
  • Make sure to check on the #wiexp and @UWNewStudent sidebars on our class page; it is a great place to see what events are coming up! Speaking of which, your next Passport location will be due 10/15, so start thinking about what you want to attend!
  • Selfie videos are due next week (1.5-2 minutes long); we will watch them in class.
  • The prompt for Response Paper 1 (and the assignment description) have been posted under the “assignments” tab. Please start thinking about this and bring questions to our next class!Twitter Famous

P.S. We’re Twitter famous!

Upcoming Events (Passport Assignment, Anyone?)

Wednesday, September 16
Varsity Hall,  Union South

Discover why so many Badgers make study abroad a part of their experience at UW-Madison. The Study Abroad Fair features over 90 exhibits highlighting 200+ programs, including faculty- led programs, exchanges, international internships, research opportunities and much more.

Don’t speak another language? Not a problem! Check out programs with no language requirements, including opportunities to begin language learning in locations like Costa Rica, Italy and China.

Thursday, September 17
4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Kohl Center
601 West Dayton Street

All UW-Madison students and alumni are welcome to attend this FREE event. This fair offers students the wonderful opportunity to connect with approximately 750 representatives from over 275 organizations who are eager to talk about their full-time and internship positions, as well as offer students a chance to research careers and network.

Monday, September 21, 2015
3:00 pm-6:00 pm
Varsity Hall, Union South

The Public Service Fairs are free for any UW-Madison student to attend. Arrive any time throughout the event and stay as long as you like. There is no mandatory attire. To benefit the most from the Public Service Fairs, consider the following before attending:

  • What issues are you passionate about and who do you want to serve?
  • Are you looking for hands-on service, behind the scenes operational support, political advocacy work or something else?
  • Try finding an agency that matches your major or career interests
  • How much time can you commit and how often?
  • Ask agencies when they need help: During the day? Night? Weekends?
  • Can you get to the volunteer site? Consult our Transportation Options program

Creating Blog Posts in WordPress

Are you trying to create your blog post for your UW-Passport (or other) class assignments? This video should help!

Make sure that for each post you put on the blog:

  • You include some type of media (photo, embedded video, etc.)
  • You include that assignment’s appropriate category tag (i.e. “passport assignment” or “response paper 1”)

Refer to each individual assignment description for additional information!

Announcements from September 3rd

Happy first day of CP125! Nice to meet everyone, and thanks for your questions and participation. Here are some updates for next class, and make sure you are checking the course calendar for the most current information!

  • Visit the Student Organization Fair on September 8th or 9th, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. in the Kohl Center. Learn some tips from the pros about how to make the most of your time there by watching a video here! While you are there:
    • Take a selfie with at least 5 student organizations (3 you may be interested in joining and 2 you are not drawn to) for use in your passport assignment. You will need to speak with the person at the booth in more detail. Check out the full assignment description for more information. 
  • Create/identify the Twitter account you will use for this class; you will enter this information in the Getting to Know You survey
  • Complete the Getting to Know You survey (linked here, and embedded on this class website under “announcements”)
  • Set up your WordPress
    • We will send your wisc e-mail account the link to WordPress site after class (check your junk mail folder if you can’t find it!)
    • Create a WordPress account using your wisc email address; you will be added as an author to the site
    • Confirm your email address in the second e-mail sent to you by WordPress
    • Accept the invitation from the original e-mail
  • Get your book! Read The Unlikely Disciple ch 1-4 (pages 1-65)–this reading will be due 9/17
  • You should also be working on your selfie video!