UW Passport Assingment- Social


I went to the meeting of the Diamond Way Buddhist UW-Madison chapter on Nov 4th. The whole event is really interesting. People getting together meditating about meaning of life. I was really tired so I nearly fell asleep during the process. New people are welcomed to get participated in the event. As for me, I think it’s a brand new way of understanding the value of religions.


As you all know, Buddhism is a religion originated from China. There are different kinds of Buddhism in the world due to some historical background. However, here at Madison, people tend to focus more on one side of Buddhist—making a person peace through different ways.

I’ve seen people getting more peaceful during the meditating process based on their facial expressions. They are all willing to do something like this because they want to find the most efficient way to find the peace inside their heart. As far as I am concerned, the most effective way of finding peace inside is staying with the people you love and the people who love you. Surrounded by those people, you will find the peace and happiness within. We actually don’t need to meditate in order to find happiness.

In China, actually more people believe that the source of happiness only comes within one’s gratitude and inner peace. And basically all the peace and happiness are only can be found by those who don’t have any desire and aims. Buddhism encourages people to have no desire, which is absurd for me because people need motivation to set up goals, which can promote the evolution of the society and the world. If everyone wants nothing, the whole world would be totally a mess. People would cut off from the world and live in the inner world, which according to their thoughts is the meaning of peace.

I’m not saying the Buddhism is useless. It encourages people to be kind to one and another because everything in the world is related, so people can be easily effected by their own behaviors. If you are kind to others, others would send back their kindness to you as well. The reason is pretty obvious.

That’s just my personal thoughts, and I definitely suggest others coming for the next meeting if they are interested.

Frank Zhu (Pengfei)

UW Passport #2 – Academic Success

Today (10.21.2015) I went to the Major Fair in Union South. Far beyond my expectation, I got a lot of useful information that might help me figure out which major I would declare. There are more than a hundred majors shown in the Major Fair, which is so amazing. I asked several advisors for information of specific major. Those details are so valuable that we cannot easily get from others.


I stopped by the “AMEP” guys first. The AMEP means Applied Mathematics Engineering and Physics, which is a great major combining different kinds of subjects like mathematics, physics, and something related to engineering. This major is the major that was only available in UW-Madison, which attracts me a lot. I am considering to major in Mechanical Engineering and have taken several classes, but actually I was so interested in AMEP that I probably will schedule an advising hour with my advisor to talk about it.


Then I saw the big “Engineering” sign hanging right at the corner of the hall. I talked with some of the advisors and asked them for opinions about the courses I should select for the next semester. They are all very warm-hearted and willing to help. I used to have hesitation about which major I should select for the next four years, but they told me to try out different courses before declaring my major, which is definitely the safest way.


Aside from the majors, I also want to get certificate of some second (for me it would be third language) language. German is the top choice popped up in my head. I probably will choose German 101 in the next semester and in the summer school. Then I run into some guys from the French department. They told me that even though for those engineering students, learning German probably is the best choice, they still insist that French can be used much wider. As far as I am concerned, I probably will decide which I am going to select after the advising hours.


Student Organization Fair

IMG_3775[1] IMG_3747[1] IMG_3732[1] IMG_3752[1] IMG_3733[1]

It is great to have such experiences! As a freshmen, I was really curious about varied kinds of clubs and student organizations in UW-Madison. I was also nervous about communicating with different attendants because I thought my spoken English was poor, so maybe I cannot express my passion and curiosity clear enough to those guys.

 However, the truth is, all the attendants are all patient and would love to be a listener. They gave me suggestions and explain every detail of the club they are in. I believed I signed up for more than 5 student organizations and collected a bunch of flyers from different booths.

 I’m majoring in Mechanical Engineering, so I have great interest in clubs that are related to mechanics and physics. Fortunately, I found several clubs filling my requirements. In fact, I was shocked by the professionality and diversity of some clubs, and I just cannot wait to join them.