UW Passport Assignment–Diversity


Since I have arrived at UW-Madison, I have had the unbelievable opportunity to attend the Navigators bible study. I have also expanded my horizons in attending a Catholic Church, St. Paul’s, on Sundays with some friends. Where as at home I attend a Lutheran Church. So, obviously attending a church where I am unfamiliar their traditions were extremely uncomfortable for me, but as the weeks have gone on I have adapted to the traditions and rituals of a Catholic Church. My friends have made learning their faith and ways easy and without making me feel like I am being judged. In comparison with Navs, I have been able to feel comfortable ever since joining. Everyone within the program is extremely welcoming, warm, and accepting to new members.

Involving myself in these opportunities has changed my views on a number of things. First of all, I was always hesitant to attend a different church instead of my home church. But upon finding this church, even though it is not the same as all of my beliefs, I have discovered that diversity within my beliefs is better for my soul. By attending this Catholic Church, I have been able to pick out and listen more closely to see if my beliefs match theirs. In doing this, I have grown stronger in my faith but I remain open to new concepts and ideas that seem to fit my religion. It is the same within my bible study. Everyone feels free to share their own opinions, and by being open to those new ideas I have been able to accept and add new concepts to my life and religion. It has really shaped me more as a Christian.

Having these two events weekly really impacts my Wisconsin Experience.   Through them, I have met a number of people who I know will be life-long friends and have and will continue to help me in my beliefs. It is nice to know that the campus is here to support any kind of beliefs and person.   With the wide spread of diversity, social, and academic programs it has been easy to find some that fit me the best. Overall the Passport Assignments has helped me tremendously in realizing that even more.

UW Passport 2: Academic Success Activities


On Tuesday, October 20th I attended the Majors Fair at Union South. Here I was able to step out of my comfort zone and ask the advisors and other students about their major and the possible path I would need to take to get there. I am personally set on some kind of degree in the medical field. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Kinesiology within the School of Education. As I attended this majors fair I decided to go in with an open mind to try to be open to all possible opportunities that would get me to where I would want to eventually be.   I looked at other possible ways that I could fulfill my prerequisites for applying to either a Physician Assistant Program or a Physical Therapy program. These different opportunities seemed to be a biology, athletic training, or kinesiology major. When talking to the representative (who kindly posed for my selfie) it silicified my choice in being a Kinesiology major. I know now that this is the right path for me, but what I decide to do with it; that will be a future decision.

This event impacted my Wisconsin Experience in a good way. Knowing that there are people out there willing to help and talk to me to help me make the decision that will affect me for the rest of my life makes making a decision that much easier. Everyone here has been extremely welcoming and helpful to make this transition to college easier and to making decisions that will alter my life. While attending the fair, I also obtained names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers to people who are there to help me decide. This will make proceeding through college easier because there is less stress put on deciding on a major. Now I know as well that if I ever have a question I can contact one of those people who were at the fair today who were very willing to help a lost and confused freshman.

Overall the Majors Fair was a great experience for me. It helped me decide on some future directions for myself. I will also be more open to attending events like this in the future that will be able to assist me in my academics. For anyone who did not go to the fair, I highly recommend going and talking to someone in the school that you may be interested in. They will be more than willing to help.

Passport Assignment-Student Organization Fair


 The student organization fair was an enjoyable, but yet an overwhelming experience. Before school even started I was excited for this fair. I was hoping to find a couple organizations that fit my personality. As I walked into the Kohl Center, the constant chatter and booth after booth of organizations made me feel like those organizations would be there, but where to find them would be the better question. As a couple of us started off in the maze of people and started to talk to the different booths and it didn’t seem as overwhelming. Everybody was so helpful, which made me more optimistic that I would find those organizations that fit me.  

As I looked for what I thought would be the only a couple organizations that fit me, I was shocked by all of the booths that drew my attention. They ranged from leadership and volunteer groups, all the way to organizations of possible fields of interest. All of the people working the booths were more than enthusiastic about you joining their group, which made me extremely excited that I was signing up.  They were willing to answer any of the questions that I had about the group and also explained their organization in more detail if needed.  Overall, I signed up to get emails from about eight groups that really fit my personality, and I have gradually been receiving more information about them and their meeting times.

Thanks to the Organization Fair the next step now will be attending these different meetings to see which organizations I want to devote my time to. I have a feeling that I will not have enough time to participate frequently in all of them, so I would like to find two that I really connect with. With the majority of those meetings being this week I am eager to find out more about them and become more involved at this university.