Symposium Poster Tips

As you are working on your final project posters, here are some tips.

For the poster, the main goal is to use it as a visual that adds to your presentation. If someone who was considering granting you money walked up to your table at the Symposium, the poster should answer for them what your project is, why it is important, and why they should give you money for it.

Here’s a professional example of a similar idea:


From looking at this poster, you can quickly pick up what they are trying to say (prevention is important and cost-effective), and there are lots of facts to back up their point. The bottom portion of the poster provides specific examples of what they mean by “prevention” and how those ideas help.

Here’s another example:

This poster does have a lot of small text, but it also gives you a visual of what sustainable farming might look like on an actual farm. I would make some of their main points (in the off-white area) bigger and pinpoint on the picture where each of the items they mentioned are demonstrated.
Some general tips:

  • I should be able to get a sense of what your project is quickly by looking at it
  • Think of it like a magazine page–use things like infographics, pictures, facts, pull quotes, or sidebars to help illustrate your points
  • There should not be giant paragraphs of text; keep things brief and large enough to be easily readable
  • Things should be neat–no wavy glue marks, handwritten information, etc. You are welcome to type, cut out, and neatly paste information, but make sure that it looks finished.
  • The poster should give me additional information/visual/interest–it should not just regurgitate the same exact points made in your paper, but rather tell a story that makes your proposal more compelling

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