UW Passport #3 Social Justice

Two weeks ago my roommate Janice and I went to an event held by MCORE on micro aggressions. I thought that going to this event would help me understand what little things I may do or say that the people around me do not take kindly. When I first arrived even though I met my room mate there I was pretty nervous, and I was one of the only people of my race there. It made sense that not many white people attended the event, but I was still uneasy and it is hard to imagine feeling that way all the time.

Over the course of the event I learned a lot about which little things I might do that can aggravate others. I realized that I have even done some of the actions without a second thought, which really affected me. We were also taught how to handle the many micro agressions that we might encounter through out life. While I did not really need to know how to handle these things, I know that the advice really helped my roommate and everyone else there. These little things that people close to me, and others on this campus have to go through all the time really impacted me. I now think about the smaller things I do in a more critical way than I did before the event.

This experience will stay with me far after university is done. After being educated about micro aggressions it is hard not to think about things you may do everyday to people you are close with or even coworkers. All people need to do is be aware and think twice about what they say, and life would be a lot less stressful for the people around them. This experience helped me to see that, and think about what I say myself.

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