UW Passport 3- Academic


  1. What were three things that stuck with you from your visit or that had an impact on you?

Last week, I scheduled a GUTS tutoring session last week for one of my more challenging science classes and I can proudly say it paid off! At first I was hesitant to even sign up for a tutoring session in fear that I would feel belittled to need extra help in college. But after I got to college library, the setting was very casual/welcoming. You can never have enough resources on campus, and now I have one more fantastic resource, GUTS, to help me along!

I also learned about how many more opportunities there are for tutoring than I thought there were. Also, they’re all very flexible and although I went to the Holt Center (my tutor’s preference) I could honestly choose anywhere around campus. And finally, the thing that impacted me the most were the GUTS tutors, who were so dedicated to someone they didn’t even know. My appointment was for 30 minutes, although my tutor stayed after an additional 30 minutes to help me finish up a few more sample problems, even though I made it clear to him that he didn’t have to stay later for me. I would definitely recommend GUTS to anyone, especially in a science class like myself, and I will most definitely use them again… Thanks CP 125!

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